A Humble Beginning

The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to

reveal to him his own. Welcome to your own discovery of yourself!

The idea of Code For All Minds was created in early 2020 by Sreenidi Bala (a now junior in high school) after years of working with her district’s special needs students and serving as a student leader in the special learning classroom. Sreenidi tutored both verbal and non-verbal students in math throughout the years and heavily advocated for the integration of special needs students in traditional learning environments by working with teachers in core subjects to engage students in class. More than anything else, Sreenidi considers the students of the special learning classroom as some of her best friends. She believes that every opportunity, experience, and celebration should include special needs students.

How it Started


During the pandemic, Sreenidi found the importance of teaching neurodivergent students basic technology skills.She worked one-on-one with students and their families to film tutorial videos that built proficiency in logging into a computer, writing an email, and using the Internet responsibly to retrieve information.

While teaching these students basic technology skills, Sreenidi realized their potential to code and started creating virtual lesson plans (Tech Tuesdays) that introduced new computer science topics.

She was immediately hooked after noticing the impact of the lesson plans; as a sophomore, she established the SLC Adaptive Computer Programming Elective at Farmington High School which will continue to teach these students programming while exposing them to other fields in STEM.

Our Mission:

Motivated by the profound impact Sreenidi observed from teaching coding in her local district, Code For All Minds was born from a vision to broaden this transformative experience. Sreenidi dedicated herself to creating a unique curriculum, honed through rigorous development, testing, and consultation with leading experts. Our commitment at Code For All Minds is to make these invaluable resources widely available, at no cost, to families and schools eager to enrich their educational programs for special needs students.

We recognize the daunting challenge educators and parents face when introducing specialized curricula like ours, especially in the realm of Special Education where resources are scarce. Our mission is to eliminate these barriers, providing easy access to our curriculum and supporting its integration into diverse learning environments.

Code For All Minds is founded on a principle Sreenidi passionately believes in: fostering a more equitable world. By sharing her wealth of knowledge and experiences through our innovative curriculum, we aim to empower students with disabilities globally to uncover and develop their coding talents. We envision a world where every student,regardless of their learning needs, has the opportunity to explore the exciting realm of technology and realize their potential.